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Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells II [FLAC]

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while his first two solo lps had chart success, oldfield was given a more leeward course with 1972s groundbreaking tubular bells. serving as an eight-minute opus to film scenes in the horror movie the exorcist, the record began with a wistful spoken-word introduction by actor damien price before shifting into a dramatic country rock arrangement, which is probably oldfield's most famous. the record was a commercial success, reaching no.4 on the uk charts and no.10 in the u.s., but received overwhelmingly negative reviews upon its initial release. a live version of tubular bells features as one of the more notable tracks on the 1991 live album the complete tubular bells sessions. oldfield later expanded his original concept to include tubular bells ii, though the music for the lp was not written until later.

released late in 1973, tubular bells ii was not to the same critical success of its predecessor. nevertheless, it reached no.4 in the uk and no.28 in the us, and was oldfield's second lp to receive a gold certification in the us. the b-side to its first uk release, "pure chaster", was the biggest selling british pop single of 1974, and was featured on the soundtrack to the film tons of money. oldfield also performed a cover of david bowie's "white light/white heat" in 2003 for the tribute album sorrow, a record of post-thin lizzy work, with various artists covering the band's songs. on it, he backed out a couple of verses he sang on the regular version for various reasons.

although oldfield took a more active role on the second tubular bells record, producer tom newman, who also worked on crises, was given far more input and was the source of most of the instrumentation. 3d9ccd7d82


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