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Npc Overhaul New Vegas

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Npc Overhaul New Vegas

Going into more details, Vegas NPC Overhaul is an overhaul for 67 NPCs in base New Vegas and a few from Dead Money and Honest Hearts. Modder Balebandr0 has made major changes to the detail and poly count of the NPCs. Many characters have been completely remade with new outfits, hairstyles, and facial hair to fit their personalities better than the vanilla game.

Interior lighting overhauls go far beyond general improvements. There's also an abundance of lighting mods that focus on specific locations. Many of these mods are geared toward making the Strip look even more impressive, particularly on the inside.

As the name suggests this mod is a character overhaul mod, but it also brings a bit of style. Essentially, this mod is a giant overhaul, and it gives all the characters new head meshes, and high-quality textures. Despite being a graphics mod, it does greatly enhance the game, and there are high chances that you will keep this mod for your next playthroughs.

This small mod completely overhauls the look of the super mutants and gives them that classic Fallout look.It includes classic faces, nightkin variations, and new animations. The animations are great and they include several idle animations which are significantly less excessive, and give it a more natural look.

NPC conflicts arise not only from downloading specific NPC mods, but from NPC overhaul mods and mods that make changes to the Wastelands (such as Azar's Arefu Expanded, BadPenney's Return to Shady Sands or Tooth's eULOGYPLUSem). All of these work to create conflicts in your load order, no matter how you arrange them in FOMM.

In this example, I use Earache42's Ling's Pretty Things (LPT) (a general NPC cosmetic overhaul), but the procedure is equally applicable to Project Beauty or other general NPC overhaul. Using the steps below, you can even have more than one general NPC overhaul mod, but for simplicity's sake, I'll use LPT as the example, along with mentioning a few mods that raised conflicts when creating my npcMerge111009.esp patch. 153554b96e


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