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Jurassic Park - Operation Genesis Generator WORK

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The Operation Genesis mode begins with a voiceover introduction by John Hammond and the island generator which allows the player to select the island parameters they wish to use before they begin construction of their park.

But Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis is very much a park-building strategy game, and the action-oriented sequences that you'll run across don't detract from the overarching theme of having to build a dinosaur-laden complex intended to draw large crowds. As in typical park-building games, you'll start Operation Genesis with a clean slate--or, in this case, an empty island. The game uses a random terrain generator to create an infinite number of islands that you can customize by altering one of four variables: its shape, the density of its forests, the number of rivers, and its overall height above sea level. You'll adjust these parameters using four slide bars, and once you've created an island of your liking, you'll jump into the game. From here, you'll need to build your park entrance, which is the primary structure of your complex. It's with these massive wooden gates--which feature the recognizable "Jurassic Park" in bold orange lettering--that you'll be able set the entrance fee, set park hours, and choose when to open the park to the public and when to close it off for maintenance. 153554b96e


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