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Rezo Hunchback
Rezo Hunchback

Stefflon Don 16 Shots Official Music

Then very rapid cutting to the beat occurs as the tempo of the music begins to increase. Onscreen it appears to be flashing with various shots including a long shot of her silhouette, to a medium close up of her walking soon progressing to a close up of her just her face. Not only is the pace of the editing rapidly changing, the tension created is increasing as the audience are left intrigued to see what will follow in the narrative of the music video.

Stefflon Don 16 Shots Official Music

At 4:10 the music ends with an echo effect which signifies more of a lasting impact on the audience than if there was the sound effect of a gun shot because the tension created throughout the whole music video, exemplified through the inter-cutting of shots would not feel resolved in the ending. 041b061a72


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