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Trainz 2009 Serial Number 41844l \/\/FREE\\\\

How to Find Your Trainz 2009 Serial Number 41844l

If you are a fan of train simulation games, you might have heard of Trainz 2009, a popular game that lets you create and operate your own virtual railways. Trainz 2009 is also known as Trainz Simulator 2009: World Builder Edition, and it was released in 2008 by Auran Games.

Trainz 2009 Serial Number 41844l

However, to play Trainz 2009, you need a serial number that is unique to your copy of the game. The serial number is a combination of letters and numbers that you have to enter when you install the game or when you register your account on Planet Auran, the official website of the game developer. The serial number is also required to download updates, patches, and additional content for the game.

But what if you have lost or forgotten your serial number? How can you find it again? In this article, we will show you some ways to find your Trainz 2009 serial number 41844l.

Method 1: Check Your Game Box or Manual

The easiest way to find your Trainz 2009 serial number 41844l is to check your game box or manual. The serial number is usually printed on a sticker or a card inside the box or on the back cover of the manual. If you still have your game box or manual, look for the serial number and write it down somewhere safe.

Method 2: Check Your Email Confirmation

If you bought Trainz 2009 online from the official website or another digital store, you should have received an email confirmation with your order details and your serial number. Check your email inbox and look for the email from Auran Games or the store you bought the game from. The email should contain your Trainz 2009 serial number 41844l. If you cant find the email, try searching for keywords like Trainz, Auran, order, or serial.

Method 3: Check Your Planet Auran Account

If you have registered your Trainz 2009 serial number 41844l on Planet Auran, you can find it again by logging into your account on the website. To do this, go to and click on Log In at the top right corner. Enter your username and password and click on Log In. Then, click on Serial Number under your profile name. You should see a list of all the serial numbers that are linked to your account, including your Trainz 2009 serial number 41844l.


Finding your Trainz 2009 serial number 41844l is not difficult if you know where to look. You can check your game box or manual, your email confirmation, or your Planet Auran account. However, if none of these methods work for you, you might have to contact Auran Games customer support and provide them with some proof of purchase or ownership of the game. They might be able to help you recover your serial number or issue you a new one.

We hope this article was helpful for you. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below. And if you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends who might also be looking for their Trainz 2009 serial number 41844l. c481cea774


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