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One of the happiest and most kind spirited individuals you will ever meet in your lifetime, Matt Poth, a young cancer survivor who promised himself after his long battle, he would live a life involved with his first love, the water. A former sea kayaker, scuba diver, and huge fan of surfing, Matt moved from the East Coast to California in 2009. Since then, he has completely immersed himself in the new world of Stand Up Paddle Boarding. He even met his wife (Olivia) through a mutual love of stand up paddling. They have a toddler that loves to ride on a SUP with mom or dad in the lagoon and a second little boy on the way!

Parents need to know that Stand Up Guys is a crime comedy starring Christopher Walken, Al Pacino, Alan Arkin as three septuagenarian criminals who are reunited over one long night. Questions of loyalty and consequences come up from time to time, though the movie doesn't explore these themes very deeply. Violence is an issue, with a fair amount of fighting, punching, shooting, and blood. There's also sexual content: Characters take Viagra and have sex with prostitutes (off screen), one character sleeps with two women at once (also off screen), and a woman is found naked in a trunk, though no sensitive body parts are shown. Language is strong, with multiple uses of "s--t," "f--k," and more. Characters drink plenty of alcohol and smoke cigarettes over the course of their long night, and they have a supply of prescription pills. (One character breaks open the capsules and experiments with snorting them.) Teens may not be interested in this story of older guys, but those who are need to be mature enough to handle the content.

In "A Late Quartet," Walken plays Peter, cellist and the father figure in a longstanding string quartet. When he announces that he must retire because he's been diagnosed with Parkinson's, his beloved colleagues act out.

Val, Doc and Hirsch are lovable thugs bent on doing what's right, particularly when they find Sylvia; Vanessa Ferlito naked and in the trunk of a car they have stolen. Turns out Sylvia was gang raped by some serious low lives. Val and his two pals with the aide of Sylvia seek out the guys who raped her for a little pay back visit.

This is doubtless the reason why stand-up desks have become common (I love mine from Ikea). But who wants to stand all day At some point, you tire of standing, your feet and ankles hurt, and you still have to stretch your legs frequently. Ultimately, a mixture of standing and sitting throughout the course of the day may prove most advantageous, though the jury remains out on this issue.

Besides saving time, stand-up meetings usually cover brief, simple subjects that rarely take longer than half an hour to discuss anyway. Sir Richard Branson actually prefers walking during meetings to simply standing, so the paths of his usual haunts are well trod by him and his associates; this burns even more calories, and can up your energy in the process as it fights off sluggishness and helps you lose weight. Even motionless stand-ups offset the increased rate of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other ailments that sitting too much can encourage.

Interestingly, a Washington University study reveals that people act less territorial and more collaborative in stand-up meetings; this may be one reason stand-ups are shorter than traditional meetings. The researchers suggest this may occur because standers are less likely to stake out their personal space than sitters, making them less individual-oriented and more team-oriented. 59ce067264


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