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Light Preset.hdr


Light Preset.hdr

One of the most underrated features in HDR Light Studio is the Presets system. A wealth of high-quality lighting content and settings are included out of the box (over 1,000 presets including 398 images). Plus you can easily add your own HDRI maps and lighting imagery to this library too - making HDR Light Studio the ideal place to store all of your lighting content.

To coincide with the release, we have just released over 70 minutes of in-depth training, so you can master Presets. There is so much more to Presets than the default studio light sources. The new training is available on our Learn page.

Favorite PresetsA user can right click on a Preset and select 'Add to Favorites' or 'Remove From Favorites'. You can then filter to view only your favorite presets using the heart button. This saves a lot of time hunting through lists of lights when you know the ones you like to use often.

Replace all lights with a Rig PresetRight click on a rig preset and select - Replace Lights with Rig, to delete all current lights and add the rig lights. A much faster way to audition different lighting rigs.

Hover on a Preset for a larger previewYou can now hover over a Preset Thumbnail and a larger preview will appear that includes additional useful information about the preset. For example, pixel resolution on images, mapping used on lights etc. Images are now shown at the correct aspect ratio on Presets.

We made sure to design our HDR preset with a natural look, especially in regards to skin tones. As you can see from the two images below, your HDR images will have the same look and feel as the images edited with the other presets, such as soft light.

We typically do not recommend using the HDR presets for indoor photos, overcast photos, night time photos, and any other photos that would fit the other lighting conditions better, such as photos with soft light, hard light, tungsten light, etc.

HDR Light Studio enables artists to create custom HDRI-based set-ups that mimic real-world lighting without the need to place 3D lights by hand, through time-saving features like LightPaint, which lets users position highlights on a model simply by clicking on the live render. Drag and drop new lights from the preset library onto the model.

"The new HDR Light Studio integration works flawlessly. The lighting updates are super fast and interactive thanks to the NVIDIA RTX renderer," says Lightmap CEO, Mark Segasby. "HDR Light Studio has a reputation for studio lighting of cars, products and packaging, however, creative lighting control is crucial for whatever is being visualized. It's going to be very interesting to see the wide range of projects customers will be lighting in Omniverse."

"HDR Light Studio lighting software is a tool our own artists have found essential in their workflow for over 10 years here at NVIDIA. During that time, we have seen the features and compatibility grow, cementing their positive reputation amongst professional 3D artists producing marketing and advertising imagery," says Richard Kerris, vice president of the Omniverse development platform at NVIDIA. "With this new Omniverse compatibility release, all of our users can take advantage of intuitive and high-quality lighting tools that make their visualizations truly stand out."

Founded by 3D product designer Mark Segasby and game developer Simon C. Smith, Lightmap created HDR Light Studio to address artists' needs for real-time lighting tools. Since its release in 2009, the software has been adopted by users ranging from individual 3D artists to automotive and product manufacturers, and visual effects studios, and is supported by live links to 15 major DCC, CAD and visualization applications.

Try to notice how these yellow tones look like natural light but with dramatic intensity. This effect is the result of more tonal adjustments. The preset actually brightens all regions, partly to reveal as much detail as possible in the lightest and darkest are


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