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Furthermore, if your particular settings don't satisfy you, you can choose your personal key. To find it, activate the installation process of MS Office, go to "Setup" or use the Options. To find the key, there are two checkboxes. (From Office 365 ProPlus on, so Office 2016 ProPlus on, you will be asked whether you want to "Protect the Office 2016 installation with a Product Key or a validation code." If you want to use it, you can type here your Office 2019, and you will find it!)

You can use the same method to find this code if you use the Microsoft Office installation Media Key File. When you launch the Office installation, you will find a box with a file name "Media License Key". You do not need this code, since you already have a license. It is just to verify that your copy of Office is not pirated.

Finally, any other case, you open a Word document, Excel worksheet, PowerPoint presentation, MS Word/ Excel/ PowerPoint,... and you are asked to password protect this work, in particular case, you have already your Office 2019 product key, it is already activated. But if you are not sure you still have your product key, the installation media make the copy of your Office, and you can activate any installation of the unlicensed version of Office. In this case, your Office 2021 or Office 2019 will be activated.

To avoid such risks, we suggest a license control solution. Create the code for your complete volume and activate the installation process of Office. This solution is much more robust than any other solution and employs the validation performed on the computer. You will have always a valid license. d2c66b5586


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